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Unit I Literature Vocabulary

This game will allow you to practice the vocabulary words found in Unit I of your literature text.

abjectlyin a manner that suggest lack of self respect
apparatusmaterials or tools neede for a specific purpose
asceticself-denying; austere
avowadmit frankly
catalystsomething that stimulates or hastens
conceivablyin a manner that can be understood
confoundconfuse; bewilder
conjunctionassociation; combination
eeriemysterious; weird
exasperatingirritating; annoying
formalizegive definite form to
gullto trick or dupe
haggardhaving a wasted or exhausted look
imperceptiblenot able to be detected by the senses
impetusdriving force behind an activity
inherentlynatuirally; characteristically
machinationclever plot or scheme
menageriecollection of wild or exotic animals
metricalrelated to the number of beats in a line
nuptialconcerning marriage or weddings
ordainofficially give someone authority to perform ministerial duties
ravenouslygreedily; hungrily
refrainhold back
relentlessharsh; pitiless
resolutiondetermined state of mind
trepidationanxiety; nervousness
vestibulehallway or small room at the entrance of a building

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