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Earth Science Chapter 1

atmospherethe gaseous enevelope of air surrounding the Earth
biosphereAll living organisms in the Earth system and their environments
carbon cycleThe biogeochemical circulation of carbon through the Earth system
closed systema system in which energy can enter or leave, but matter can not
cyclethe physical or chemical processing of Earth materials that repeats over time, for example, the water cycle, carbon cycle and rock cycle
Earth system scienceThe study of the Earth materials and processes subdivided into a group of four interconnected spheres of activity: atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere
energy cyclethe movement of energy into and out of the Earth system
evapotranspirationthe rapid cycling of water vapor into the atmosphere by evaporation from Earth's surface or transpiration from plant leaves
geosphereThe rocks, mountains, lithospheric plates and other physical features of Earth, except for water
geothermal energyHeat energy that originates from within teh Earth and drives the movement of Earth's tectonic plates
hydrosphereAll water in the Earth system
modelA simplified representation of an object, process or phenomenon, used as the basis for further study or investigation
open systemA system in which there is a free exchange of both energy and matter between the system and its surrounding
solar energyEnergy emitted by the sun
systemA naturally occuring group of objects or phenomena that share matter and energy, for example, the four spheres of the earth
tidal energyenergy created by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon on the Earth's oceans
water cycleThe continuous circulation of water through the hydrosphere as solid, liquid or gas

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