Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Shelly Cashman Series Labs

mouseinput device with a long cord
keyboardinput device with letters and number buttons
monitoroutput device with a screen
printeroutput device that uses paper
icona picture that represents a program
GUI stands forGraphic User Interface
menua list of related options
selectsclicking once ______ a program
opensdouble-clicking _____ a program
draggingmoving an object around on the screen
shiftkey you hold down to capitalize a letter
postureSitting correctly at your computer involves good _______.
saveto store your work
printto put your work on paper
editingmaking changes to a document
documentWord processing is the ability to produce a _____
diskOnce a virus is in the computer's memory, it can spread to any ____ that is inserted into the computer.
anti-virusa program designed to detect other programs that will damage your computer
wordwrapthe ability to type continuously without pressing the Enter key
5the key you press along with the shift key to get a %
mouse and keyboardInput devices
monitor and printerOutput devices
hard drive and floppy driveStorage devices

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