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1.00 Fundamentals of Business Systems and Communications Vocabulary

Anti-virus softwareSoftware that detects viruses and repairs files
CloseTo exit the program or file.
Circuit level gatewaysA firewall that only allows data into the network based on the data that was requested from the network.
Browser hijackingSoftware that changes your Internet Explorer settings.
Application level gatewaysSimilar to an application gateway, but uses software applications to view the data before it passes through the firewall.
EllipsisThree dots (...) that indicate another dialog box will be opened.
Favorites/bookmarksWebsites that the user can store and visit by clicking on the name of the site.
FirewallsA piece of hardware or software that examines data passing into the computer or network and discards it if it does not meet certain criteria.
CutWhen you remove data from a document.
CopyWhen you make a duplicate of data in a document.
Dictation modeEnables users to dictate text into a computer application.
Discrete speechSpeech recognition system that requires the user to pause momentarily between each word.
HistoryThe listing of websites that the user has been to in the past few days.
Home pageThe first page that is opened in the browser.
Identity theftAny instance where a person uses someone else’s identification documents or other identifiers in order to impersonate that person for any reason.
Literal search enginesSearch using Boolean operators to narrow the search of sites. Searches are based on the words that the user enters.
MaximizeTo make the window fill up the entire screen.
MinimizeTo shrink the window down to the taskbar.
Natural language search enginesSearches are completed by typing in complete sentences. Searches are based on key words in the sentence.
NetiquetteThe do’s and don’ts of online communication.
Packet filtering firewallThis firewall compares the incoming data to a list of rules prepared for the destination it is intended for.
PasteTo insert cut or copied data into a document.
Plug and PlayIndicates that the hardware will run as soon as it is plugged into the computer. Most of these are mice, storage devices, and printers.
Search enginesSites on the web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites
Secure websiteA website that uses data encryption to keep all information protected.
SpywareTechnology that gathers information about a computer user without their permission or knowledge.
Stateful inspectionA packet filter firewall that examines more than just the address and port information.
Wireless networkingTechnology that enables two or more computers to communicate without wires.

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