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Cells and Heredity: Ch. 2 Sec. 3

cell cycleregular sequence of growth and division that cells undergo
interphasea period before cell division occurs and the first stage in the cell cycle
replicationcell makes a copy of the DNA in its nucleus
mitosisstage during which the cell's nucleus divides into two new nuclei
chromosomeeach doubled rod of condensed chromatin
chromatideach identical rod, or strand, of the chromosome
cytokinesisthe cytoplasm divides, distributing the organelles into each of the two new cells
metaphasechromosome pairs line up at the equator of the cell
anaphasechromosome pairs are pulled apart to opposite sides of the cell
prophasein preparation to divide chromosomes form, spindle fibers appear and the nucleus dissolves
telophasethe nuclear membranes reform around the chromatids as the cell begins to stretch in preparation to divide
DNA moleculemade up of 2 nitrogen base rungs on a deoxyribose and phosphate ladder
double helixshape of the DNA molecule
adeninealways pairs with thymine
guaninealways pairs with cytosine
longest cell stage where growth and replication happensinterphase
centromereconnects the two chromotids to form a chromosome

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