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Jalapeno Bagels - Vocabulary

Match each word to the correct definition.

bakerya place where bread and other baked goods are made and sold
recipea set of directions for cooking
dougha soft, thick mixture that is shaped and baked
customerspeople who buy things at a store
ingredientsparts of a mixture
culturea group of people who share traditions and customs
internationalrelating to two or more nations
kneadto shape dough by pressing, folding, and stretching it with the hands
flakylight; easily separated
goldenbrown: the color of baked goods after they are cooked
desserta sweet treat that is eaten after a meal
batcha group of baked goods that are cooked at one time
practiceto learn a skill by doing it many times
slotted spoona spoon with holes that allows juices
salmona type of fish
pumpernickela type of bread
crinkleto form into wrinkles or ripples
mixturesomething made from different parts that have been blended together
creamto blend together
margarinea type of food that is eaten in place of butter
yeasta product that causes baked goods to rise
overlappingplacing the edges of two objects so that one is slightly on top of the other
jointthe point where two objects are joined
securenot likely to come apart

Second Grade
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