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formed elements


Increase in NeutrophilsBacterial Infection, burns, stress, inflammation
decrease in NeutrophilsRadiation Exposure, Drug detox, B12 defency, Lupus
increase in LymphocytesViral Infection (large cells), Leukemia
decrease in LymphocytesProlonged illness, immuno-suppression, Cortisol treatment
increase in Monocytesviral & fungal infection, TB, Leukemia, Other chronic disease
decrease in MonocytesBone Marrow depression, Cortisol treatment
increase in EsinophilsAllergic reaction, Parasitic infection, Autoimmune Disease
decrease in EsinophilsDrug toxicity, stress
increase in BasophilsAllergic reaction, Leukemia, Cancer, Hypothyroidism
decrease in BasophilsPregnancy, Ovulation, Stress, Hyperthyroidism
Neutrophil2-5 lobe nucleus connected by thin strands
Neutrophilgranulocyte- fine, pale lilac granules
Neutrophil60-70% circulating WBC
Eosinophil2-3 lobe nucleus
Eosinophilgranulocyte- Large uniform orange/red granules
Eosinophil2-4% circulating WBC
Basophilbilobed irregular s-shaped nucleus
Basophilgranulocyte- large purple/blue variable size
Basophilless than 1% circulating WBC
LymphocyteDark oval-round nucleus
Lymphocyteagranulocyte- Small and Large cells w/ sky blue cytoplasm
Lymphocyte20-25% circulating WBC
MonocyteKidney shaped nucleus
Monocyteagranulocyte- largest wbc
Monocyteresponds by diapedisis to phagocytize
Monocyte3-8% circulation WBC

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