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Ecce 34: Degree of Adjectives Vocab Drill

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multus, plus, plurimusmuch, more, most
multi, plus, plurimimany, more, most
bonus, -a, -umgood
melior, meliusbetter (rather good, too good)
optimus, -a, -umbest, very good
malus, -a, -umbad
peior, peiusworse (rather bad, too bad)
pessimus, -a, -umworst, very bad
magnus, -a, -umbig
maior, maiusbigger (rather big, too big)
maximus, -a, -umbiggest, very big
parvus, -a, -umsmall
minor, minussmaller (rather small, too small)
minimus, -a, -umsmallest, very small
multus, -a, -ummuch
plūrimus, -a, -ummost, very much
multī, -ae, -amany
plūrēs, plūramore
plūrimī, -ae, -amost, very many
facilis, -eeasy
facilior, faciliuseasier (rather easy, too easy)
facillimus, -a, -umeasiest, very easy
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrumbeautiful
pulchrior, pulchriusmore beautiful (rather beautiful, too beautiful)
pulcherrimus, -a, -umvery beautiful
prūdentior, prūdentiuswiser (rather wise, too wise(
prūdentissimus, -a, -umwisest, very wise

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