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Latin 2 Vocabulary Lessons 1-4

Practice vocabulary meanings for Lessons 1-4 with the games created here. (You should probably click on the non-java game for best practice.) You might also look at the end of your Lesson 1 Worksheet (in your notebook) for a complete list of review words.

durus, -a, -umharsh, hard
doceo, docereto teach
habeo, habereto have
teneo, tenereto hold
timeo, timereto fear
dux, duceleader
facilis. facileeasy
potestas, potestatispower
omnis, omneevery, all
rogo, rogareto ask
servo, servareto save
civitas, civitatisstate, citizenship
pax, pacispeace
egregius, -a, -umoutstanding, excellent
afficio, afficereto affect, afflict
ago, agereto do, to drive, to spend...
do, dareto give
facio, facereto make, to do
gero, gerereto wage (war); to wear (a toga)
iubeo, iubereto order
munio, munireto fortify
gratus, -a, -umpleasing
novus, -a, -umnew; strange
clamo, -areto shout
cupio, cupereto desire
dico, dicereto say
maneo, manereto remain
nosco, noscereto learn, to recognize
scribo, scibereto write
video, videreto see
videor, viderito seem
homo, hominisman, mankind
pars, partispart

Mrs. Blankenship

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