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Muscles of Spine and Thorax Origins

SternocleidomastoidManubrium and medial clavicle
External IntercostalsInferior border of rib above
Internal IntercostalsSuperior border of rib below
Transverse AbdominusLateral inguinal ligament, iliac crest, thoracolumbar fascia, internal surface of lower 6 ribs
Quadratus LumborumPosterior iliac crest
Internal ObliquesLateral inguinal ligament, iliac crest, thoracolumbar fascia
Splenius CervicisSpinous processes of T-3 to T-6
Splenius CapitisLigamentum Nuchae, spinous processes of C-7 to T-3
Rectus Capitis Posterior MajorSpinous process of the Axis (C-2)
External ObliqueLower 8 ribs
Rectus AbdominusPubic crest, pubic symphysis
Posterior ScaleneTVPs of C-5 and C-6
Anterior ScaleneTVPs of C-3 to C-6
Middle ScaleneTVPs of C-2 to C-7
DiaphragmInner surface of lower 6 ribs, upper 2-3 lumbar vertebrae, inner part of xiphoid process
Serratus Posterior SuperiorSpinous processes of C-7 to T-3
MultifidiSacrum, TVPs of lumbar through cervical vertebrae
Rectus Capitis Posterior MinorTubercle of posterior arch of the Atlas (C-1)
Serratus Posterior InferiorSpinous processes of T-12 to L-3
Oblique Capitis SuperiorTVP of the Atlas (C-1)

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