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Practice the imparfait of 40 verbs

I was helpingj'aidais
you were watching (tu)tu regardais
he was playingil jouait
she was thinkingelle pensait
we were living (on)on habitait
we were eating (nous)nous mangions
you were finishing (vous)vous finissiez
they were choosing (ils)ils choisissaient
they were walking (elles)elles marchaient
I was workingje travaillais
you were running (tu)tu courais
he was smilingil souriait
she was buyingelle achetait
we were preparing (on)on préparait
we were listening (nous)nous écoutions
you were coming (vous)vous veniez
they were doing (ils)ils faisaient
they were saying (elles)elles disaient
I was readingje lisais
you were writing (tu)tu écrivais
he wasil était
it wasc'était
she was becomingelle devenait
we were sleeping (on)on dormait
we were selling (nous)nous vendions
you were serving (vous)vous serviez
they were laughing (ils)ils riaient
they were trying (elles)elles essayaient
I was growing upje grandissais
you were giving (tu)tu donnais
he was puttingil mettait
she was followingelle suivait
it was rainingil pleuvait
we were driving (on)on conduisait
we were learning (nous)nous apprenions
you were drinking (vous)vous buviez
they were offering (ils)ils offraient
they were going (elles)elles allaient
I was havingj'avais
you were taking (tu)tu prenais


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