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Miracle Worker Vocabulary

oculisteye doctor
inarticulateadj. produced without the normal sounds of understandable speech
intimationsN. Hints; indirect suggestions
caricatureN. an exaggerated picture of someone
imperiousadj. overbearing; arrogant; proud
acuteadj. severe; intense
vivaciousadj. lively
voluminousadj. large; bulky
asperityn. sharpness of temper; anger
nettledadj. to irritate
temperancen. moderation; self-restraint; not indulging too much
nonpluseadj. to bewilder or confuse
feignedadj. pretended; simulated; faked
compunctionn. feeling caused by sense of guilt; remorse
intractablyadv. stubbornly
glowern. an angry stare
to disinterv. to remove a body from its burial place
imipassivelyadv. without showing emotion; calmly; serenely
paroxysmn. a sudden outburst; a spasm
audibleadj. loud enough to be heard.
manipulatesv. handles; manages skillfully
simultaneouslyadv. at the same time
trepidationn. anxiety; fearful; uncertain
consummatelyadv. very skillfully
transfixedadj. to make motionless
gropingadj. a form of to grope meaning to feel around with the hands
resurrectionn. coming back to life

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