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9D plants for food

match the pairs

process by which plants make foodphotosynthesis
plants use light energy to makeglucose
plant for food: flowercauliflower
plant for food: leafspinach
plant for food: seedswheat
plant for food: fruitapple
plant for food: stemcelery
plant for food: rootcarrot
plant for food: storagr organpotato
releases energy from glucoserespiration
glucose storage substance in plantsstarch
glucose is converted to : starch to makeglues and packaging
glucose is converted to: protein to makesome plastics
glucose is converted to: fats to makeperfumes and lubricants
glucose is converted to: cellulose to makepaper
for healthy growth, plants must absorbmineral salts
when plants die theydecompose
improve soilfertilisers
kill weedsherbicides
poisons becomemore concentrated along a food chain
animals that eat cropspests
pesticides used to kill only one type of animalspecific
poisonous chemical in some insecticidesDDT
organisms used to kill pests naturallybiological control agents

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