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Chapter 14 Medical Terminology

arthralgiapain in a joint
chondralpertaining to cartilage
cranioplastysurgical repair of the skull
carpopedalpertains to the carpus and foot
hypercaluriacalcium in the urine
infracostalbelow the rib
costectomyexcision of a rib
ischiopubicpertaining to the ischium and the pubis
metatarsalsbones between the tarsus and the toes
myeloblastan embryonic bone marrow cell
systemic sclerodemahardening of the skin
polyarthritisinflammation of many joints
osteoarthropathydisease of the bone and joints
myalgiamuscular pain (myodynia)
sternoschisissplit stermum
rachiodyniapain of the vertibra column
polymyositisinflammatory myopathy that involves many muscles
arthrocentesissurgical puncture of a joint with a needle
articul(o)joint, articulation
arthr(o)joint, articulation
-blastembryonic form
calcane(o)heel bone (calcanius)
meta-change or next
myel(o)bonemarrow or spinal cord
rach(i)vertebra colomn(backbone)
-sarcomamalignant tumor from connective tissue
infrapatellarbeneath the kneecap
arthroscopydirect visualization of a joint
bursectomyexcision of a bursa
ankylosisfusion of a joint
sternotomyincision of the breastbone
arthritisinflammation of the joints
craniotomeinstrument for incising the skull
calcanealpertaining to the heel bone
scalpularpertaining to the shoulder blade
synovitisinflammation of a synovial joint

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