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Ecce 36: A Letter

Matching. JOMM = July, October, March, May

S.D. (salūtem dīcit)sends greetings
S.P.D. (salūtem plūrimam dīcit)sends fondest greetings
-que (enclitic/piggy back conjunction)and
hūc (adv)here, to here
prīdiē (adv. + acc)on the day before
adulēscēns, adulēscentis (m)young man
libenter (adv)gladly
sānē (adv)certainly, of course
quō celerius...eō celeriusthe faster...the faster
trīstis, -is, -esad
sīs (sī vīs)if you wish/want, please
persuādeō, persuādēre, persuāsī, persuāsusto persuade someone (dat) of something (acc)
Kalendae, -ārum1st of the month
Nōnae, -ārum5th (or 7th for JOMM)
Īdūs, Īduum (4th decl, f)13th (or 15th for JOMM)
A.U.C. (ab urbe conditā)from the founding of the city

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