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EOG MS Vocabulary Review 3

Words 51-75

faulty logicReasoning that has mistakes: the facts do not support the conclusion
fictionA story made up by an author
figurative languageWords that don't mean exactly what they say, such as similes and metaphors
first personThe story is told by a character inside the story
flashbackA scene in a story that brings the reader back to an event that happened before
foreshadowingHints the author gives about what will happen next
generalizationA broad statement that could apply to more than one situation
genreA category of writing
glossaryA section in a book that gives the meaning of words used in that book
graphic organizerA combination of words and pictures that shows how a selection is organized
headingThe title of one section of a selection
hyperboleExaggeration: Your dog's so ugly it could ...
illustrationA picture, diagram, drawing, figure, graph, or table that adds information to the selection
imageA picture that a selection makes in your mind
inferMake an educated guess about what is happening in the story
inferenceAn educated guess you make about what is happening in the story.
interpretUnderstand and explain the meaning of something
introductionWriting at the beginning of a selection that tells you what will come
ironyWhen a character says one thing and means another
italicWriting that slants to the side
lineA group of words next to one another in a poem
magazineA publication printed regularly that focuses on one particular topic
main ideathe most important message of the selection
main problemThe conflict of the story
marginBlank space around the edges of the page


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