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economics chapter 11

invesmentthe act of redirecting resources from being consumed today so that they may create benefits for the future the use of assets to earn income or profit
financial systemthe system allos the transfer of money between savers and borrowers
finanacial assetclaim on the property or income of a borrower
financial intermediaryinstitution that helps channel funds from savers to borrowers
mutual fundfund that pools the savings of many individuals and invests this money in a variety of stocks bonds and other financial assets
diversificationspreading out investments to reduce risk
portfolioa collection of financial assets
prospectusan investment report to potential investors
returnthe money an investor recieves above and beyond the sum of money initially invested
coupan ratethe interest rate that a bond issuer will pay to a bond holder
maturitythe time at which payment to a bond holder is due
par valuethe amount that an investor pays to purchase a bond and that will be repaid to teh investor at maturity
yieldthe annual rate of return on a bond if the bond were held to maturity
savings bondlow-denomination bond issued by the united states government
corporate bonda bond that is a corporation issues to raise money to expand its businesses
junk bonda lowe rated potentially higher paying bond
capital marketmarket in which money is lent for periods linger than a year
money marketmarket in which money is lent for periods of less than a year
primary marketmarket for selling financial assets that can only be redeemed by the original holder
secondary marketmarket for reselling financial assets
shareportion of stock
equitiesclaims of ownership in a corporation
stock brokera person who links buyers and sellers of stock
brokerage firma business that specializez in trading stocks
stock exchangea market for buying and selling stock
otc marketan electronic and market place for stocks and bonds
nasdaqamerican market for otc securities
futurerscontracts to buy or sell at a specefic date in the future
call optionthe option to buy shares of stock at a specified time in the future
put optionthe option to sell shares of stock at a specified time in the future
bull marketa steady rise in the stock market over a period of time
bear marketa steady drop in the stock market over a period of time
the dowindex that shows how certain tocks have traded
s&P 500index that shows the price changes of 500 different stocks
gret crashthe collapse of the stock in market in 1929

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