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SAT Prep - Vocabulary - Group #10

prosaicordinary; dull
provincialunsophisticated; regional
provocativetempting; irritating
prudentcautious; careful
pugnanciouscombative; quarrelsome
pungentstinging; sharp in taste
querulousfretful; whining; disagreeable
quiescentat rest; dormant
rancorbitterness; hatred
razeto destroy completely
recalcitrantobstinate; stubborn
rectifyto correct
redundantrepetitious; unnecessary
refuteto challenge; to disprove
relegateto banish; to put to a lower position
relevantpertinent; significant
remorseguilt; sorrow
reprehensiblewicked; disgraceful
repudiateto retract; to discard
rescindto reject; to cancel
resignationquitting; submission
resolutionproposal; determination
respiterecess; rest period
reticentsilent; reserved; shy

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