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SAT Prep - Vocabulary - Group #12

surreptitioussecretive; furtive; sneaky
sycophantservile flatterer; bootlicker
taciturnhabitually silent; non-talkative
tantamountequivalent in effect or value
terseconcise; succinct
torporlethargy; sluggishness
tractabledocile; easily manageable
transcendentsurpassing; exceeding ordinary limits
transientmomentary; temporary
trepidationfear; apprehension
truculentbrutally harsh; vitriolic; scathing
unobtrusiveinconspicuous; not blatant
usurpto overthrow; to seize power
vehementforceful; ardent
venerateto revere; to respect
vilifyto slander; to defame
vindicateto exonerate; to clear from blame
virulentextremely poisonous; hostile
voluminousbulky; large
whimsicalcapricious; fanciful
zealotfanatic; extremist

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