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Basic Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain

Match the part of the brain with its function

occipital lobevision
corpus collosumwhere messeges are transmitted from one side of the brain ot the other
medulla oblongottacontrolls basic body functions
reticular activating systemregulates our state of alertness
thalamusrelay station for information comeing in and out of the brain
hypothalamusover see's the autonomic nervous system
cerebrumlargest area in the brain (language, memory)
cerebral cortexgray matter outter layer
deep cortexwhite matter
frontal lobecognition, speech production, higher thinking, abstract thinking and smell
cerebellumposture, balance and equilibrium
gyrielevated ridges of brain tissue
anterior to primary somatosensory cortexprimary motor cortex
temporal lobeauditory and olfactory
brain stem's 3 partsmidbrain, pons, medulla oblongotta
sulcigrooves in the outter layer of the brain (cortex)

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