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Lymph Organs and Associated Tissues Game

Match the lymph organ, tissue name, or term with the description that best fits.

Red Bone Marrowproduces B-cell lymphocyes, a type of WBC
Thymus glandacts as a boot camp for lymphocytes, turning them into T-cells
Spleena dark purple organ that stores blood cells, destroys old RBCs and platelets
Lymph Nodesbean-shaped structures that store and filter lymph
Tonsilsfound in the throat, protects against inhaled pathogens
Peyer's Patchesfound in the intestines, protects against ingested pathogens
Vermiform Appendixattached to the large intestine, helps to fight pathogens and other bodily intruders
Lymph Capillarysmallest lymph collection vessel
Afferent Valveone-way valve that opens into a lymph node from a vessel
Subclavian Veinspoint where the lymphatic system meets the circulatory system
Efferent Valveone-way valve that opens out of a lymph node, into a vessel
Right Lymphatic Ductdrains lymph from the R arm, R side of head & R side of thorax
Thoracic Ductdrains entire body except R arm, R side of head/thorax
Natural Immunitynon-specific responses to invading pathogens
Acquired Immunityspecific responses to invaders using specialized lymphocytes
Lymphthe fluid of the lymphatic system
Cisterna chyliThe thoracic duct begins here, deep in the abdomen (between the abdominal aorta and L2)
MALT (Mucosal-associated lymphoid tissue)collection of lymphoid cells or nodules in the mucosa or submucosa of the digestive tract

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