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Trigger Point Pain Referral Review Game

Match the muscle name with the picture of the common MTP pain referral pattern.

!*$, Gluteus Maximus
@)), Iliopsoas
#@#, Infraspinatus
$(^, Levator Scapula
%*@, Pectoralis Major
^&!, Pectoralis Minor
&%@, Piriformis
*^^, Quadratus Lumborum
(&*, Rhomboids
)(-, Scalenes
_##, Sternocleidomastoid
+!#, Splenius Capitis
=)&, Splenius Cervicis
~`~, Suboccipitals
`%&, Subscapularis
/&*, Supraspinatus
})*, Trapezius

Renton Technical College

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