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Prior to the American Revolution, how did the colonists’ ideas about government differ from those of the English Parliament?The colonists believed they had the legal authority on how they should be governed.
Prior to the American Revolution, what well-known phrase was used by the colonists when Parliament decided it had the right to tax the colonies?Taxation without Representation
What was the purpose of the Stamp Act?It required the colonists to pay taxes for paper documents.
What was the purpose of the Townshend Acts?They required the colonists to pay taxes on English imports.
What was the purpose of the Intolerable Acts?It closed Boston Harbor, no town meetings, and forced the housing of English soldiers.
What key factors did Thomas Jefferson include in the Declaration of Independence?Listed ideas for self-government
During the mid 1700s, what was the English Parliament’s point of view of governing Jamestown?The English believed that Parliament had the legal authority to govern the colonies.
In the 1700s, which document stated that authority to govern belonged to the people, rather than to kings?Declaration of Independence
Who was the key author of the Declaration of Independence?Thomas Jefferson
Which rights were included in the Declaration of Independence?The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
What were the Committees of Correspondence?A group of men representing each colony, which kept the other colonies informed of important political events
Which best describes the First Continental Congress?A group of colonial delegates from every colony, except Georgia. They met in Philadelphia to oppose the Intolerable Acts.
What was a provision made by the Treaty of Paris of 1763 that ended the French and Indian War?It gave England almost all of the French lands in Canada and east of the Mississippi River.
Why did France and England fight theThe two countries fought over the same land in the Ohio River Valley and over control of fur-trading and fishing industries in America.
Who won the French and Indian War?The English soldiers
What was the mission, or purpose, of the Sons of Liberty?They encouraged the colonists not to obey the Stamp Act and not to buy or import goods from England.
How did the American colonists respond to the tax on tea?In 1773, the Sons of Liberty dumped tea into the Boston Harbor.
What two major decisions did the Second Continental Congress make when they met in Philadelphia in 1775?A Continental Army was established and they declared American independence from England.
How did Virginians participate in political events leading to the American Revolution with England?They organized the Virginia Convention.

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