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OBJ 7-2 & 7-3 Vocabulary

These are the words you need to know for Friday's(3/9) vocabulary quiz.

angletwo rays that share a common endpoint(vertex)
protractortool used to measure angles
acute angleangle that measures less than 90 degrees
right angleangle that measures 90 degrees
obtuse angleangles that measures more than 90 but less than 180 degrees
straight anglemeasures 180 degrees
adjacent angleangles that share a vertex and a side
complementary anglesthe sum of the measures of 2 angles is 90 degrees
supplementary anglesthe sum of the measures of two angles is 180 degrees
scalene trianglea triangle with no congruent sidess
isosceles trianglea triangle with two congruent sides
equilateral trianglea triangle with three congruent sides
right trianglea triangle with one right angle
acute trianglea triangle with 3 acute angles
obtuse trianglea triangle with one obtuse angle
trianglea polygon with 3 sides

Mrs. Chamblee

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