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W2 SOL Essential Knowledge 3

SOL Review

What is absolutism and divine right?kings ruled with total power directly from God
Who was the Sun King?Louis XIV (of France) built Versailles
Who was Louis XVI?King of France beheaded during the French Revolution
Who was Frederick the Great?Enlightened monarch (benevolent despot) of Prussia
Who was Peter the Great?Ruler who westernized Russia
How did the English Civil War promote the rights of Englishmen?Put a check on the King's power; Parliament v. King
How did the Glorious Revolution promote the rights of Englishmen?created a constitutional limited monarchy (James II flees, William and Mary take over
Who was Oliver Cromwell?led Parliamentary forces in English Civil War, ruled country for period after
What was the Restoration?Charles II returns to the throne of England
What was the English Bill of Rights of 1689?established limited monarchy in England
What was the Enlightenment?Applied reason to the human world, not just natural world, changed political thinking
Who was Thomas Hobbes?Wrote Leviathon, state must hold all power to manage behavior; humans are naturally wicked
Who was John Locke?Life, liberty, property, social contract, people hold power,wrote Two Treatises on Govt
Who was Montesquieu?wrote The Spirit of Laws, separation of powers
Who was Jean Jacques Rousseau?The Social Contract
Who was Voltaire?separation of church and state
How did the Enlightenment influence the US Constitution and Bill of Rights?separation ofpowers from Montesquieu, Voltaire- separation of chuch state
What were the causes of the French Revolution?Enlightened ideas, American Revolution, dissatisfied Third Estate
What was the Reign of Terror?Violent period of French Rev led by Robespierre
What were the outcomes of the French Revolution?Napoleon, then a return to monarchy; but it spread Enlightened ideas
What influence did the American and French Revolutions have on colonies worldwide?They began to push for independence as nationalism grew
Who was Toussaint L'Ouverture?Led slave revolt in Haiti/Dominican Republic
Who was Simon Bolivar?Led independence movement in Venezuela, South America (break from Spain)
Who were Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?Composers
Who was Eugene Delacroix?French Romantic Painter

SOL Review: World History and Geography I
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