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Apologia Chemistry - Acid / Base Chemistry

Review of the first part of Module 10, from Apologia Educational Ministries' high school chemistry course, Exploring Creation with Chemistry, by Dr. Jay Wile

Acids taste ________.sour
Acids are covalent compounds that _____ ______ when added to water.conduct electricity
Acids turn blue litmus paper
covalent compoundscompounds composed of atoms that share electrons.
indicatorssubstances which turn one color in the presence of acids and another color in the presence of bases
Bases taste _______.bitter
Bases are ______ to the touch when dissolved in waterslippery
Bases turn red litmus paper
Is soap an acid or a base?base
An acid is a molecule that ______ H(+) ions.donates
definition of an acidAn acid is a molecule that donates H(+) ions.
A base is a molecule that _____ H(+) ionsaccepts
definition of a baseA base is a molecule that accepts H(+) ions.
H3O(+)hydronium ion
amphiprotic compoundscompounds that can act as either an acid or a base, depending on the situation
the most common amphiprotic substancewater
When ionic compounds dissolve, they.....split into their constituent ions. This enables them to conduct electricity.

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