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US SOL Essential Knowledge 1

SOL Review

Explain how different physical environments impacted the lives of Native AmericansCulture is shaped by your environment
What was the major impact of Europeans on Native Americans?disease
Who were the Puritans and what was the covenant community?Mayflower Compact was the basis of government, John Winthrop eventually forms city upon a hill
What is the significance of Jamestown?first permanent English settlement in North America
What was the Virginia House of Burgesses?first representative govt in New World
When the Great Convergence took place, what was the major area of conflict between the Europeans and Native Americans?land
Why were Africans brought to Jamestown in 1619?slave labor
What are cavaliers?English noblemen given land in Virginia
What is colonization?establishing a settlement in a far away region for your country's profit
Describe the colonial economy in New Englandtrade, shippbuilding, merchants, manufacturing
Describe the colonial economy of the Middle Coloniestrade in port cities (NY, Philadelphia) breadbasket- food production
Describe the colonial economy of the Southern Coloniesplantations- large farms, slavery
What colonial area was known for religious tolerance?Middle Colonies (Quakers, Catholics)
What was the major cash crop of the southern colonies?tobacco
What was the Middle Passage?journey of slaves from Africa to North America
What was the Enlightenment?Age of scientific thinking and reason, Ben Franklin was an Enlightened thinker
What was the Great Awakening?Religious revival
What were the effects of the French and indian War?Britain needed to pay off debts so they began taxing colonists; road to revolution begins
What is the significance of the Proclamation of 1763?colonists not allowed west of Appalachian Mountains
What was the significance of the Stamp Act?direct tax on paper products, angered colonist who were not represented in Parliament; began boycotts
What was the significance of the Boston Massacre?propaganda, tensions rise and violence breaks out (1770)
What is the significance of the Boston Tea Party?leads to passage of the Intolerable Acts which close Boston Harbor, limit civil liberties
What is the First Continental Congressmeeting of colonial leaders, beginning of formation of govt
What happened at Lexington and Concord?First shots of Revolutionary War
What was the turning point of Revolutionary War?Saratoga, Ben Franklin arranged French Support
What was the final battle of the Revolution which was won with help from the French Fleet?Yorktown
Who were the Loyalists (Tories)?1/3 of American people who remained loyal to Britain
Who is Thomas Paine?wrote Common Sense
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?Thomas Jefferson
What were the major ideas of the Declaration of Independence?life, liberty, pursuit of happiness; people for a social contract with govt and have right to overthorwn an abusive govt
Who did Thomas Jefferson borrow ideas from for the Declaration of Independence?John Locke

SOL Review: World History and Geography I
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