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US SOL Essential Knowledge 2

SOL Review

What kind of government did the Articles of Confederation create?a weak central govt; states held more power
Who wrote the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom? Why is it significant?Thomas Jefferson, separates church and state
Who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights? significance?George Mason; becomes basis for Bill of Rights
Who is the father of the Consititution?James Madison
Who was the president of the Constitutional Convention?George Washington
Why were the Federalist Pares important in US History?Essays written in NY newspapaers which convinced states to ratify the Consititution
Who helped get the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution?Antifederalists
Explain how the rise of political parties came about?Hamilton and Jefferson had different ideas
What did Washington say in his Farewell Address?warned against political parties and permanent foreign alliances
Why was the Louisiana Purchase a difficult decision for President Thomas Jefferson?he would have to embrace a loose interpretation of the Constitution (he had always had a strict interpretation)
What is the significance of Marbury v. Madison?established judicial review (right for Supreme Court to declare law unconstitutional)
What was the Adams-Onis Treaty?gave the US Florida in 1819
What is the Monroe Doctrine?told Erupoe to stay out of affairs (and colonizing) in the Western Hemisphere
Who invented the cotton gin?Eli Whitney; it increased slavery
Why did Americans move into Texas?they were invited by the Mexican govt to help settle and control outlying areas
What was the spoils system?credited to Andrew Jackson, he gave govt jobs to political supporters
How did democracy expand during the Age of Jackson?more people were "enfranchised" as the property requirement was dropped as a voting requirement
What was Jackson's policy toward the Native Americans?Removed during Trail of Tears; Indian Removal Act
What was Jackson's views on the National Bank?he wanted to kill the bank; put money in state(pet) banks; eventually leads to Panic of 1837
What is sectionalism?division between north and south
Why was the annexation of Texas delayed?debate over slavery
What is the Missouri CompromiseMaine admitted as free state; Missouri as slave; 36-30 line becomes the divding line between slave and free in the future
What was the issue with tariffs?North liked high tariffs; South like low tariffs; Tariff of Abominations led to a Nullification Crisis
What is the significance of Manifest Destiny?belief that the US should span all the way to the Pacific Ocean
What is popular sovereignty?allowing the people of a stat or territory to vote on whter or not to have slavery (Stephen Douglas idea)
What was the Compromise of 1850?1. CA free 2. popular sovereignty in NM/UT 3. slave trade ends in DC 4. stronger fugitive slave law
What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act?called for poluar sovereignty in KS and NB; would in essence repeal the Missouri Compromise
Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin?Harriet Beecher Stowe
Who wrote the Liberator?William Lloyd Garrison
Who were Nat Turner and Gabriel Prosser?led separate slave revolts
What was the significance of the Dred Scott case?Said slaves were property, cna't take property w/o due process; in effect slavery could exist anywhere you take your property
What event put Abraham Lincoln on the national stage?Lincoln Douglas debates
What event was the immediate cause for the secession of several states in 1860?Election of Lincoln
What were the causes of the Civil War?slavery, tariffs, sectionalism
Where were the first shots of the Civil War fired?Fort Sumter

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