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Unit 5 Group B

precept(n.) a rule of conduct or action
prognosticate(v.) to predict, especially on the basis of present indications or signs, foretoken
salutary(adj.) beneficial, helpful; healthy, wholesome
scathing(adj.) bitterly sever, withering; causing great harm
scourge(v.) to whip, punish severely; (n.) a cause of affliction or suffering; a source of severe punishment or criticism
sepulchral(adj.) funereal, typical of the tom; extremely gloomy or dismal
soporific(adj.) tending to cause sleep, relating to sleepiness or lethargy; (n.) something that induces sleep
straitlaced(adj.) extremely strict in regard to moral standards and conduct; prudish, puritanical
transient(adj.) lasting only a short time, fleeting; (n.) one who stays only a short time
unwieldy(adj.) not easily carried, handled, or managed because of size or complexity
vapid(adj.) dull, uninteresting, tiresome; lacking in sharpness, flavor, liveliness, or force

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