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Respitory System Matching

Ciliahairlike projections on the outer surface of certian cells that trap and move particles up and down the throat
Goblet Cellsproduce mucus
Mucusmoistens the air and traps incoming particles
PharynxAKA Throat, shared with the digestive system
LarynxAKA voice box, contains epiglottis, cricoid & thyroid (Adams Apple)
Eppiglottis"Guardian of the airways"
BronchiLarge air conduction passegways leading from the treachea to each lung
BronchiolesLike roots of a tree, these are smaller divisions of the Bronchi
AlveoliTiny sacs attatched to the distal ends of the bronchioles
Surfactantsphospholipids that assist in the exchange of gas in the alveoli, reduce surface tension & contribute to the elasticity of pulmonary tissue
LungsSpongy, light, elastic, paired organs of respiration
Respitory DiaphragmA dome shaped muscular partition that seperates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity
BreathingAKA Pulmonary ventilation, the mechanical process of moving air in and out of the body
Inspirationprocess responsible for drawing air into the lungs
ExpirationProcess responsible for expelling air from the lungs back to the atmosphere
External (pulmonary) respirationGas exchange in the lungs, between blood and air in the aveoli that came from the external environment
Internal (tissue) repirationGas exchange between blood and the body's tissues

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