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Chapter 02 "Matter and Change"

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chemical changechange that produces matter with a different composition from the original matter
chemical propertyability of a substance to undergo a specific chamical change
chemical reactionprocess by which one or more substances change into one or more new substances
chemical symbolone or two letter representation for an element
compoundsubstance composed of two or more elements chemicallly combined in a fixed proportion
distillationprocess used to separate a homogeneous mixture separating them by their boiling points or by allowing the vapor to escape leaving a solid residue
elementsmallest form of matter with a unique set of properties
extensive propertyproperty that depends on the amount of matter in a sample
filtrationprocess used to separate a solid from a liquid in a heterogeneous mixtures where the liquid can pass shtough small holes but the solid cannot
gasform of matter that takes both the shape and volume of its container
heterogeneous mixturemixture in which the compoosition is not uniform throughout
homogeneous mixturemixture in which the compoosition is uniform throughout
intensive propertyproperty that depends on the type of matter in a sample, not the amount of matter
law of conservation of massin any physical or chemical change mass can neither be created or destroyed, it is conserved
liquidform of matter that has an indefinite shape, flows, yet has a fixed volume
massmeasure of the amount of matter an object contains
mixturea physical blend of two or more substances
phaseany part of a sample with uniform composition and properties
physical changeproperties of a material may change, but composition remains the same
physical propertyquality of a substance that can be observed or measured without changing the substance’s composition
precipitatea solid that forms and settles out of a liquid mixture
productsubstance produced by a chemical reaction
reactantsubstance(s) present at the start of a chemical reaction
solidform of matter that has a definite shape and volume
solutionusually used to describe a liquid mixture in which the compoosition is uniform throughout
substancematter that has a uniform and definite composition
vaporthe gaseous state of a substance that is a liquid or solid at room temperature
volumemeasure of the space occupied by an object

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