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Daily Classroom Latin - II. Phrases

These are general classroom phrases that I should use this year.

licetne mihi īre in lātrīnam?Can I go to the restroom?
habēsne pēnsum?Do you have your homework?
perficistīne pēnsum?Did you finish your homework?
quid facis?What are you doing?
quid tibi faciendum est?What should you be doing?
scrībisne?Are you writing?
aperīte libellōs.Open your notebooks.
dēpōnite librōs et libellōs.Put away your books and notebooks.
comparāte stylōs et chartāsGet pens and paper.
comparāte librōsGet your books.
hodiē est probātiōToday is the test.
crās erit probātiōTomorrow will be the test.
claude iānuam.Close the door.
aperī iānuam.Open the door.
trānscrībite haec verba.Copy these words.
metaphrāsite haec verba.Metaphrase these words.
scrībō.(yes) I am writing
nōn scrībō.(no) I am not writing
facisne praeparātiōnem?Are you doing the warm-up?
faciō.(yes) I am doing (it).
nōn faciō.(no) I am not doing (it).
comparāsne librum?Are you getting your book?
comparō.(yes) I'm getting (it).
nōn comparō.(no) I'm not getting (it).
tacēte nunc!Be quiet now!
ēnumerāte!Count off!

Latin Teacher & Consultant
Dripping Springs High School
Austin, TX

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