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Spell/Vocab 5

8th grade BJH's spelling words, #5. Includes words, definitions, sentences, and memory recallers.

blissn. Complete happiness.
blitheadj. Of a happy lighthearted disposition.
buoyA floating object moored to the bottom to mark a channel or something lying under the water. (there r other def.)
complacentadj. Self- satisfied.
convivialadj. Relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company.
delectableadj. Delicious.
ecstasyn. A state of overwhelming emotion, esp. rapturous delight.
elatev. To fill w/ joy or pride
frolicn. Full of fun- merry.
galan. A festive celebration.
jocundadj. Marked by or suggestive of high spirits and lively mirthfulness.
jubilantadj. Rejoicing, joy; exultation
burlyadj. Strongly and heavily built.
buxomadj. Vigorously or healthily plump.
cherubn. An innocent-looking usually chubby and rosy person.
obeseadj. Excessively fat.
pudgyadj. Short and plump.
How many of each word in the Joy/pleasure column according to the letter it starts w/.3b 2c 1d 2e 1f 1g 2j (321212)
Under the stoutness column, the # of words that starts with the corresponding letter.2b 1c 1o 1p (2111 or BBCOP)
blissI cannot imagine the _____ I will feel when I finally get my cast off.
blitheThe ______ young man had not a care in the world.
buoyThe _____ marking the channel was orange and red.
complacentMy cat is ___________ when she purrs.
convivialThe __________ family was often seen at parties.
delectableThe _________ food delighted my tastebuds.
ecstasyMy ________ at seeing my long-lost sister overwhelmed me so much that I could hardly move.
elateI was ________ to find out that I had made an A on the geometry test. ( add ed)
frolicThe ________ of bunnies was fun to watch.
galaThe _____ for the princess's birthday was a posh affair.
jocundThe ______ child was a pleasure to take care of.
jubilantThe _________ Christians rejoiced to the Lord.
burlyThe _______ bully could scare any child to death.
buxom The _______ lady waddled to the elevator after a large lunch.
cherubThe _______ of a baby was very cute.
obeseThe _________ man could not run at all.
pudgyThe ________ young girl made a vow to lose weight.


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