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Excel Basic Terms

These are the basic terms you should know after reading the first chapter in Excel!!!

Spreadsheeta computer file specially designed to organize data into cells.
Worksheetcolumns and rows on one sheet.
WorkbookA collection of worksheets.
Columnsrun vertically up and down a worksheet.
Rowsrun from left to right across a worksheet.
Row headingsThe section on the left side of a worksheet that is numbered from 1 to 65,536.
CellThe intersection of a column and a row.
Valuesthe numbers text, hyperlinks, formulas or functions that are entered into cells of a worksheet.
cell referencethe column letter and row number used to identify a cell - A1 or B4.
Active cellA thick border surrounds this cell.
Standard ToolbarHolds buttons for save, open, print, copy, paste, etc.
Formatting Toolbarhas buttons for style, font, font size, alignment, fill color and font color.
Name boxdisplays the current cell or cells.
Formula Barused to create and edit values.
Status Barat bottom on Excel screen - indicates various things: Num lock, caps lock, etc.
Insertion Pointa blinking line that appears when you are entering a value in a cell.
Rangeany group of contiguous cells.
FormulaBegin with an equal sign =, use operators to perform mathematical operations.
FunctionsPredefined formulas.
ArgumentsThe information entered inside the parentheses when using a Function.

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