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Chapter 9 Jefferson Era

democraticall people have the same rights
laissez fairelet alone
judicial reviewcourts decide if laws are constitutional
Marbury vs Madisonset up judicial review
Pinckney TreatySpain kept New Orleans open
Napoleonleader of France
Louisiana PurchaseUS bought from France
Lewis and Clarkexplored new US territory
Zebulon Pikeexplored upper Mississippi
Neutralitynot taking sides
Barbary StatesNorth African Nations
War with TripoliJefferson refused to pay a bribe
impressmentpractice of forcing people into service
embargoban on trade with another country
Embargo Actforbid Americans to import or export goods
Nonintercourse ActAmericans can trade all nation except Britan and France
War Hawkfavored war
Nationalismpride in your country
Henry ClayWar Hawk
Treaty of Greenvilleforced Native Americansto sell much of their land
Tecumsehspiritual leader of many Native Americans
Battle of TippecanoeBegan a long war between Americans and Native Americans
ConstitutionAmerican Ship
GuerriereBritish Ship
Battle of ThamesAmericans won,Tecumseh died
Battle of Horseshoe BendThe Creeks Surrendered to Jackson
Francis Scott KeyWrote Star Spangled Banner
Battle of New OrleansAmericans Defeat the British
Hartford Conventionwanted to end war
Treaty of Gentpeace talks in 1814
Courtneyone who helped make this game

Mrs. Anderson

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