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Psych Ch. 4

Conciousnessawake, aware to some degree
Selective Attentioncan focus attention on single stimulus
Coctail Party Effectable to hear a reference to yourself from across the room when in your own conversation
Divided Attentionmost effective where thinking is a minimum, able to divide and multi task
Freud's theorymind needed to be studied- concious level- pre conscious level- unconscious
Subliminal Messagesbelow the level of conscious awarness
Mere exposuremore you encounter, more favorably you will remember
Primingrecently presented word to prime response in a situation--moods we are in will dictate how we feel about the prime
Proso-pagnosiacaused by damage to the temporal lobe- difficulty recognizing faces or own
Blind sightindividual is not able to see things but can identify things, can encode it but cannot realize
Subliminal Adevertisinghidden messages- pics presented over and over again
Microsleepindividual will fall asleep for seconds at a time
Stage 1beginning to relax
Stage 2suden burst of brain activity- brain spindals
Stage 3progression stage
Stage 4deepest stage
Stage 5brain is active- REM
Why we sleeprestore energy
Dream Contentactivation synthesis model- dreams are only a collection of daily thoughts
Lucid Dreamsaware you are dreaming
Freud's viewbelieved dreams has some sexual conotation
Activation-synthesis modelnotion taht dreams are a recollection of our brain and thoughts
Insomnia-pseudoinsomniathink they are not sleeping but they really are
Hypersomniaindividual will get a lot of sleep at night but are slill tired during the day
Narcolepsyexperience of sudden attack of sleep
Parasomniasdisturbed sleep
Apenafall asleep and stop breathing
RBDdreaming but your body is mobile
NREM disordersoccurs during stage 4
night terrorsnightmares magnified 1000 times
Sleep walkingeyes open-cabable of moving around
Hypnotic induction2 stages, induction and suggestion
Inductionsubjects guided into frame of mind
Suggestionsuggests what they should do
Posthypnotic suggestionsubject is carrying out the hypnotists suggestion
Posthypnotic amnesiaforget what they did
Special processing theoryindicates hypnosis endures state of consciousness where people become more responsive
Dissociationmotivation and division of consciousness
Social psychological theoriesthe expectiation to be hypnotised
Psychoactive drugany drug taht influences thought, perception, behavior and mood
Physical dependencebody has to have it-depending on it
Withdrawalwhen they don't have the substance they are dependant on body is noticing not having it
Psychological dependancethink you will need that substance
Sedativesdepressants- slow down central nervous system
Alcoholmost used sedative
Barbituatesadictive, used to treat epilepsy
Benzodiazapenestranquilizers used to treat anxiety disorders- very addictive
Stimulantsexcite the central nervous system and energize behavior
Hallucinogenspsychedelic drug that distorts perception and causes hallucinations
Opiatesadictive drug that depresses neutal activity and provide temporary relief from pain and anxiety
REMRapid Eye Movement

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