Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.


crocodileany of several large carnivorous thick-skinned long-bodied aquatic reptiles (family Crocodilidae) of tropical and subtropical waters
drivewaya private road
occupy1 : to engage the attention
hyphen: a punctuation mark
airtight1 : impermeable to air or nearly so
disclose1 obsolete : to open up
approachget close to
swallowed1 esophagus into the stomach
dignified: showing or expressing dignity
paniomime1 : PANTOMIMIST
python: any of various large constricting snakes (as a boa);
paralyze1 : to affect with paralysis
nightingale: any of several Old World
postpone1 : to put off to a later time :
oppose1 : to place opposite or against something
charcoal1 : a dark or black porous
owner1 a : to have or hold as property :
marshmallowA sweet or fluffy food
coyote1 : a buff-gray to reddish gray

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