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unit 2: stress

SIGMUND FREUDfounder of psychoanalysis
CATHARSISa release of emotion, supposedly purifying and curative
UNCONSCIOUSaccording to Freud, mental disorders have their origin in dynamics which are
STRESSORunpredictable aspect of the environment demanding adjustment
SYMPATHETICbranch of nervous system which iinvolves the fight or flight response
ADJUSTMENTtemporary disorder due to recent, common stress
PTSDlong term disorder due to major stressful situation
STRESS INOCULATIONcognitive-behavioral technique for preventing stress reactions
RESILIENCEthe ability of individuals to resist or bounce back from a disorder despite exposure to causes or stress
DEFENSE MECHANISMSprotect the self from anxiety, stress, tension, or disappointment
ACTING OUTunhealthy defense mechanism: expressive action untaken without consideration of its consequences
DENIALrefusal to accept the reality of a situation
DISPLACEMENTshifting emotional reaction from the instigator of one's frustration to a safer target
PROJECTIONblaming others for one's own condition or emotions
RATIONALIZATIONusing contrived explanations to lessen one's sense of frustration or guilt
UNDOINGaction which magically or symbolically atones or reverses frustration or guilt
REACTION FORMATIONexaggerated behavior which expressed the opposite emotion
REGRESSIONreturning to a previous, less mature, developmental level
REPRESSIONpushing painful thoughts out of consciousness
SUBLIMATIONhealthy defense mechanism: channeling unacceptable impulses into socially acceptable actions
COMPENSATIONhealthy defense mechanism: striving in another area to make up for frustration
GRIEFaffective response to a loss
ACUTE STRESS DISORDERoccurs within a month after the event
COPINGindividuals' efforts to meet their needs and deal with stressors
CORTICOSTEROIDchemical produced by stress, weakens immune system
DECOMPENSATIONbeing overwhelmed by stress
DSMthe American Psychiatric Association's nosological guidelines
TEMPERAMENTinherited basis of personality
SELYEcame up with the stress model of General Adaptation Syndrome

Professor of Psychology
Crafton Hills College
Long Beach, CA

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