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chapter three: anxiety disorders

NEUROSISa old category which grouped together many minor mental disorders (discontinued in DSM-III)
SPECIFIC PHOBIAan intense, irrational, disabling fear
AGORAPHOBIAterritorial apprehension, fear of being in exposed places, associated with panic attacks
COMORBIDITYthe coexistence or superimposition of two different disorders
ANXIETYchronic, excessive worry; accompanied by somatic symptoms (e.g., palpitations)
OCDintrusive, obsessive thoughts; irresistible, compulsive actions (e.g., checking, counting, cluttering, cleaning)
PTSDbattle fatique experienced by soldiers
XANAX, VALIUManti-anxiety medications
SYSTEMATIC DESENSITIZATIONbehavior mod technique useful on phobias
EPISODICpanic attacks are a good example of this type of disorder which comes and goes

Professor of Psychology
Crafton Hills College
Long Beach, CA

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