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Psy CH 6 sec 1 Vocab

Vocabulary quizzes for the chapter on classical conditioning.

stimulusA feature in the environment that is detected by an organism or that leads to a change in behavior
responseAn observable reaction to a stimulus
conditioningA type of learning that involves stimulus-response connections, in which the rsponse is conditional on the stimulus
classical conditioningA type of learning in which a neutral stimulus comes to elicit an unconditioned response when the neutral stimulus is repeatedly paired with a stimulus that normally causes an unconditioned response
unconditioned stimulusIn classical conditioning, a stimulus that elicits an unlearned, naturally occurring response
unconditioned responseIn calssical conditioning, an unlearned response
conditioned stimulusA previously neutral stimulus that, because of pairing with an unconditioned stimulus, now causes a conditioned response
conditioned responseA learned response to a previously neutral stimulus
taste aversionA type of classical conditioning in which a previously desirable or neutral food comes to be perceived as repugnant because it is associated with negative stimulation
extinctionIn classical conditioning, the disappearance of a conditioned response when an unconditioned stimulus no longer follows a conditioned stimulus
spontaneous recoveryThe reappearance of an extinguished conditioned response after some time has passed
generalizationThe tendancy to respond in the same way to stimuli that have similar characteristics
discriminationIn classical conditioning, the ability to distinguish the conditioned stimulus from other stimuli that are similar
floodingBased on the principals of classical conditioning, a fear-reduction technique that involves exposing the individual to a harmless stimulus until fear responses to that stimulus are extinguished
systematic desensitizationA type of counterconditioning, used to treat phobias, in which a pleasant, relaxed state is associated with gradually increasing anxiety-triggering stimuli
counterconditioningA therapy procedure based on classical conditioning that replaces a negative response to a stimulus with a positive response

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