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words for land and water

matching water and land terms wth definitions

peninsulaa body of land almost surrounded by water
harboran area of deep water protected from winds,etc., that forms a place where ships may safely harbor
tributarya stream or small river that flows into a larger body of water
coastland along the sea
archipelagoa group of islands
mouththe part of the river where its water empty into a larger body of water
valleylow land that lies beteen hills or mountains
fjorda narrow bay of the sea bordered by steep cliffs
canyona narrow valley with steep sides
islanda body of land surrounded by water; smaller thn a continent
dividea ridge or highland that separates two river basins
sourcethe place where the river begins, usually in the highlands
baya part of a body of water that extends into land
deltaa deposit of soil that collects at the month of a river
plateauflat or gently rolling land that stands high above sea level
plaina flat stretch of land
straita narrow channel that connects 2 larger bodies of water
basinland drained by a river

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