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Split Cherry Tree

Foddercoarse food for horses, cattle, etc.
Withea willow twig
Plaguecause to suffer from a plague-vex, annoy, bother
pillagerob with violence, plunder
Protozoamembers of four classes of microscopic animal-like protists
Who are the main characters?Professor Herbert, Dave Sexton, and Mr. Luster Sexton
What is the setting of the story?in the hills of farm country-high school
What is the theme of the Split Cherry Tree?Fairness
What are the old ways vs. the new ways?Children did not go to high school in the county-subjects taught differently and new ideas-School has changed from old times
What is the dialect?country
How many boys were climbing the cherry tree when it broke?six
What were the boys climbing the tree trying to catch?a lizard
What class did Mr. Herbert take to the fields to find animals and plants?Biology
How much did Eif Crabtree charge for breaking his tree?six dollars
What did Dave Sexton do to repay his $1 debt?He stayed after school to sweep floors, clean chauldboards
What did Dave's father bring to the school that frightened Mr. Herbert?a gun
What did Mr. Herbert "show" to Mr. Sexton under the microscope?germs-from tarter in his teeth
What did Mr. Sexton NOT want Professor Herbert to kill?the black snake
Who said,"I'll show 'im it ain't right to keep one boy in and let the rest go scot-free. My boy is good as th'rest ain't he?"Pa/Mr Sexton-He's mad because Mr. Herbert made Dave stay to pay off his dollar
Who said, "He looked lost amoung us. He looked like a leaf-turned brown on the tree among the tree top filled with growing leaves."Dave-He's saying Pa looks out of place in the high school
Why does Dave's father insist that they pay off the debt?Because they are honest people, they do not skip debts

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