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Electrona subatomic particle with a negative charge and a relatively small mass
Atombasic unit of matter
lipidsfats and oils
DNAdeoxyribonucleic acid (includes instructions)
phospholipidsa structural substance found in cell membranes.
RNAribonucleic acid
nucleic acidslarge complex molecules that contain hereditary information
Neutrona subatomic particle located in the nucleus with the same mass as a proton and no charge
ionic bondselectrons are lost by one element and gained by another
pHp=power, H=hydrogenism
protona subatomic particle with a possitive charge and a relatively large mass
enzymessubstance that causes a reaction to speed up or slow down without being changed itself
cohesion"sticking together"
Basea compound that produces hydroxide ions in water
Acida compound that releases hrogen ions in water
glycogenmanufactured and stored in liver and muscles
solutionan uniform mixture of two or more substnces
solventthe dissolving substance
solutedissolved substance
metabolismthe combination of all chamical changes that take place in an organism

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