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Parts O' Da Brain

Learn about parts of the brain from the hemispheres to neurons to other brain related subjects.

AxonsLong fibers that extend from the cell body, it carries outgoing messages
DentritesShort fibers that branch out from the cell body and pick upincoming messages
NeuronsIndividual cells that are the smallest unit of the nervous system
EndorphinesChemical substance that the body uses as a pain killer
Parietal LobePart of the cerebral cortex that responds to sensations of touch and bodily position
Temporal LobePart of the cerebral cortex that controls hearing and some visual and olfactory information
Occipital LobePart of the cerebral cortex that recieves and interprets information
Frontal LobePart of the cerebral cortex that runs self-awareness, initiative, and planning
Corpus CallosumNerve fibers that connect and coordinate the two brain hemispheres
HindBrainBrain area containing the mefulla, pons, and cerebellum: runs life support
MidBrainIn the middle of the brain; runs sight, hearing, and part of pain
ForeBrainTop part of the brain containing the thalamus, hypothalamus, and cerebral cortex: runs thinking
CerebellumTwo hemispheres in the hindbrainthat control certai reflexes and coordinates bodily movement
Cerebral CortexThe two hemispheres of the forebrain that regulate complex behavior
StrokeSudden paralysis brought on by the breaking or obstruction of a blood vessel in the brain
Alzheimer'sA brain disorder that results in a loss of intellectual abilities
HydrocephalisCauses an excess of fluid in the head, mostly in infancy, which causes enlargement of the head
Huntington's DiseaseA genetic disease that destroys brain cells and causes involuntary body movements, mental disturbances and eventually death
NeurotransmittersChemicals released by the synaptic vessicles; these chemicals travel across synaptic space to affect the next neuron
HypothalamusForebrain region that governs motivation and emotional responses

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