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Cell Division and Its Growth

words that relate to the division and growth of the cell

cell cycleperiod of time from the beginning of one cell division to the beginning of the next
cell divisionprocess in which a cell divides into two independent daughter cells
mitosisprocess of cell division in eukaryotic cells
interphaseG1, S, and G2 phases; occurs between cell divisions
prophasefirst phase of mitosis during which each chromosome consists of two chromatids
chromatidsstrand of a chromosome that occurs in identical pairs; combined with its sister chromatid, constitutes a chromosome
centromerethe part of a chromosome in which the chromatids are attached
spindlecluster of microtubules that span the cell nucleus
metaphasesecond phase of mitosis during which the chromosomes complete their attachment to the spindle and line up across the center of the cell
anaphasethird phase of mitosis during which duplicated chromosomes separate from each other
telophasefouth and final phase of mitosis during which two distinct nuclei form within the cell
cytokinesisdivision of the cytoplasm that takes place during the anaphase and telophase phases of mitosis in most cells

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