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6th grade page 18 part 1

First half (a-l) of First Conjugation verbs listed on page 18

accuso, -are, -avi, -atumto accuse, to blame
agito, -are, -avi, -atumto drive, to arouse, to disturb
amo, -are, -avi, -atumto love
appropinquo, -are, -avi,-atumto approach, to draw near to
clamo, -are, -avi, -atumto shout
concilio, -are, -avi, -atumto win over
conservo, -are, -avi, -atumto save, to preserve
convoco, -are, -avi, -atumto call together
damno, -are, -avi, -atumto condemn
demonstro, -are, -avi, -atumto point out, to show
do, dare, dedi, datumto give
erro, -are, -avi, -atumto err, wander, be mistaken
exploro, -are, -avi, -atumto explore
habitoto dwell, to live in, inhabit
laboroto labor
laudo, -are, -avi, -atumto praise

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