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AW -- C++--Chapter 4 Vocabulary

boolean variablea variable that can only have two values, true and false
constantstores data that remains the same throughout a program's execution
data typea specification that defines the type of data that can be stored in a variable or constant
declaringindicating to the compiler what type of variable you want and its name or identifier
exponential notationa method of representing very large and very small numbers (also called scientific notation)
floating-point unita processor that works with floating-point numbers
identifiernames given to variables and constants
initializeto assign a value to a variable for the first time
keywordwords that cannot be used as identifiers because they are part of the C++ language
stringa group of characters put together to make one or more words
unsignedcapable of storing only positive values
variableholds data that can change while the program is running

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