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Key Terms and people for chapters 5 and 6

soddyprovided warmth but no protection from snakes and insects
Oliver Hudson Kelleystarted an aorganization for farmers that came to be known as the Grange
assimilationplan that sought to abolish Native Americans' traditional cultures
bimetallismpolicy that supporters hoped would place more money in the pockets of ordinary people
Battle of Wounded Kneeslaughter of 300 unarmed Native Americans that marked the end of theIndian wars in 1890
William Jennings BryanPopulist candidate who lost the presidential election of 1896
Homestead Actoffered 160 acres of land free to any head of household
Dawes Actlaw that allowed white settlers to take much of theland set aside for native Americans
Chisholm Trailallowed the cattle business to flourish by provideing a route to a shipping yard in Abilene, Kansas
Morrill Actgave federal land to the states to help finance agricultural colleges
Edwin L. Drakefirst successfully used a steam engine to remove oil from beneath the earth's surface
Eugene V. Debsran the American Railway Union and later ran for president several times as a socialist
Chirstopher Sholesinvented the typewriter
John D. Rockefellercreated trusts and was criticized as a robber baron while serving as head of the Standard Oil Company
Thomas Alva Edisonperfected the incandescent light bulb, created an electrical power system, and organized power plants
Mary Harris "Mother" Jonesorganized coal miners, their wives, and their children to fight for better working conditions
George M. Pullmanrailroad-car mogul who built a town to house his employees
Alexander Graham Bellopened the way for worldwide communications with invention of the telephone
Andrew CarnegieScottish immigrant who made a fortune in steel and donated most of his profits
Henry Bessemerdeveloped a cheap and effective manufacturing process for making steel

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