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Between the Wars Vocabulary

These are key people and terms for the period between the two world wars.

Black ShirtsUsed violence and intimidation to quiet opposition to Mussolini
Mein KampfBook that criticized Jews and advocated a return to German power
SudetenlandLand given to Hitler at the Munich Conference
KristallnachtNazi attack on Jewish synagogues and businesses
Axis PowersGermany, Italy, and Japan
Anti-SemitiamStrong feelings of hatred and prejudice toward the Jews
Munich ConferenceBritain and France appeased Hitler by giving him land he demanded
appeasementgiving in to another's demands in order to avoid trouble
Neutrality AcsProhibited American loans and munition sales to nations at war
Non-Aggression PactGermany and the USSR agreed to divide Poland and to not attack each other
Lend-Lease ActProvided billions of dollars of aid to victims of Axis aggression
blitzkriegquick, hard-hitting style of warfare used by Germany during World War II
Atlantic CharterFDR and Churchill agreed to cooperate in ending aggression
Benito MussoliniFascist leader of Italy
Adolf Hitlerleader who spoke of the creation of a master race of Aryans
Francisco FrancoLed a Fascist revolt against the government of Spain in 1936
Charles DeGaulleLed the Free French forces after the evacuation at Dunkirk
Winston ChurchillBritish leader during the Battle of Britain
Cash and CarryAmendment to the Neutrality Acts that allowed the U.S. to sell munitions to nations at war
Destroyers for BasesGave the U.S. leases to British facilities in exchange for some older American ships

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