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Science Probe 10 Chapter 15

Cell Theory

Cell Theory AAll living things are made up of one or more cells
Cell Theory BThe cell is the functional unit of life
Animal cells have:Cell membrane, mitochondrion, nucleus, cytoplasm
Plant cells have:vacuole, nucleus, chloroplast, cell wall
Plant cell boundaries are composed primarily ofCellulose
A cell membrane is said to beSelectively Permeable
Diffusionmovement of molecules from high concentration to low concentration
Osmosis is actually a special case ofDiffusion
We use the term diffusion to refer tomovement of material dissolved in water
Material dissolved in water is called asolute
In plants the vacuole and the cell wall play important rolesin maintaining water balance
Carbon dioxide + water is the left side of thePhotosynthesis Equation
glucose + oxygen is the right side of thePhotosynthesis Equation
glucose + oxygen is the left side of theAnimal Cellular Respiration Equation
carbon dioxide + water + energy is the right side of theAnimal Cellular Respiration Equation
A gene consists of a long chain ofnucleotides
All protists havea nucleus and various organelles
Plasmodium is the organism that causesMalaria
Plasmodium is a type ofProtist
three aspects of a bacteriumflagellum, plasmid, DNA
Another three aspects of a bacteriumsheath, cell wall, membrane
Bacteria, protists and other agens causing diseasePathogens
Vaccines make use of thebody's defence system
A cell's reaction depends onthe appropriate catalysts to speed up the reaction
The level of enzyme production controlsthe speed of chemical reactions within a cell
STDsexually transmitted diseases
plural of bacteriumbacteria
singular of bacteriabacterium
abiotichaving to do with non-living things
mitosisProcess whereby material within the cell nucleus is divided into genitcally identical halves
In the process of mitosistwo new nuclei are formed
Nucleotidesbasic structural units of RNA and DNA
Fallopian Tubesconducts ova from ovary to the uterus
Ovumsingular of Ova
Ovaplural of Ovum
Ovulationthe release of an ovum from the ovary
Different enzymes speed updifferent reactions
AllelesThe different forms of a gene
Amniocentisisprenatal test for genetic diseases
Each chromosome is made up ofproteins and a single DNA molecule

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